Innovative Graphic Design



Digital Portfolio

Here are a few of the amazing projects I've been fortunate enough to work on during my career. 


Web Pages

SimLEARN Portal 

The SimLEARN project provides the VHA medical personnel with a centralized, web-based presence focusing on medical modeling, simulation training, and education. As the lead of the graphics team, we designed the pages of the entire portal with visually stimulating and informational layouts for the VHA staff. Under this project we also helped vendors create the Virtual Medical Center (VMC), which allows Veterans to get test results, speak with their doctors, and get important information from the comfort of their own homes. 

Business Intelligence Suite (BIS)

The BIS (Business Intelligence Suite) is designed to track the progress and perform cost analysis at all phases of a learning project within the VHA. It was on this project where I was the Project Manager of Marketing and Content Design. Our team was responsible for creating the entire User Interface of the application and working with the Development team for implementation. The product is developed for a large team of 400 education specialists, serving over 360,000 employees.


Miami Metro Zoo's Adopt An Animal Program

The Adopt An Animal Logo was created for Miami Metro Zoo's program that helps zoo keepers feed, care for, and enrich the lives of their very  special animal residents.

Mid East Performing Arts Academy (MEPAA)

The Hand of Fatima (or Hamsa) was chosen as this local dance academy's image because history recognizes and uses it as a sign of protection. Inside the hand are flowers (azhar) and other symbols that were created in Adobe Illustrator that represent movement, beauty, and fluidity. 

Business Intelligence Suite

The following logo was created for the BIS application and reflects the program's frequent use of charts and analysis in its main image. The colors chose are the same that are within the program and create a recognizable unity and technology-driven feel. 


The dance-related designs support the marketing of a Miami-based premier Middle Eastern dance academy that has been present in the community for over 20 years. Projects span from the company's corporate identity to various marketing items and the regular maintenance of their website. It has also branched out to assist the academy's instructors and their own production efforts. I've also created invitations for private special events. The informational government posters are to promote some of the Veteran's Health Affairs projects where I am presently contracted as the Project Manager of Marketing and Content Design. 


Illustrations have always been near and dear to my heart. Drawing since I could hold a pencil, I've been fortunate enough to create digital illustrations via Adobe Illustrator for weddings, holiday cards, political issues, gallery exhibitions, and marketing items. 


Here are some fun designs for apparel that I've worked on for clients such as Mid East Performing Arts Academy, and the ING Miami Marathon. They appear here in their illustrated mockup form, but all have been sent to print and I've had the joy of seeing runners and dance enthusiasts walking (or running) around in my designs.